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Fate Accelerated Planet of the Apes – Caesar, Blue Eyes, Ash, Maurice and Koba

I am too young to have seen the original Planet of the Apes series. However, I was blown away by the dramatic impact of the 2011 reboot of the series through Rise of the Planet of the Apes. 20th Century Fox delivered a fantastic sequel with the 2014 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. In honor of the upcoming 2017 War for the Planet of the Apes, I present Fate Accelerated conversions of the series’ greatest Apes!

Planet of the Apes


High Concept: First genetically transformed ape

Trouble: Ape raised by man

Aspect #1 – Powerful leader of the Muir Woods Apes

Aspect #2 – Human speech

Aspect #3 – Apocalypse epicenter


Good (+3) Clever

Fair (+2) Quick, Forceful

Average (+1) Flashy, Careful

Mediocre (+0) Sneaky


“Because I am an ape raised by man, I get a +2 when persuading apes or humans or to create an advantage for apes to deal with humans.”


High Concept: Caesar’s Son

Trouble: Caesar’s Son

Aspect #1 – Courage When Pressed

Aspect #2 – Friend of Ash

Aspect #3 – Human Speech


Good (+3) Quick

Fair (+2) Careful, Sneaky

Average (+1) Clever, Flashy

Mediocre (+0) Forceful


“Because I am Caesar’s son, Muir Wood apes will listen to me, protect me and perhaps, fight for me.”


High Concept: Blue Eyes’ Best Friend

Trouble: Hesitant and Naive

Aspect #1 – Muir Woods Youth

Aspect #2 – Student of Maurice

Aspect #3 – Rocket’s Son


Good (+3) Flashy

Fair (+2), Sneaky, Forceful

Average (+1) Clever, Quick

Mediocre (+0) Careful


“Because I am a Student of Maurice, I get +2 to communicate with Apes or Humans and a +2 to Create an Advantage when in or near the Muir Wood Ape home.”


High Concept: Gentle Wise Sage

Trouble: Caution above action

Aspect #1 – Caesar’s Councillor

Aspect #2 – Human Sign Language

Aspect #3 – Teacher of the Muir Woods Ape Tribe’s Young

Good (+3) Careful

Fair (+2) Clever, Forceful

Average (+1), Sneaky, Flashy

Mediocre (+0) Quick


“Because my council has proven valuable and I have served the Muir woods apes, I get +2 to any planning or acting done to aid the Tribe or Caesar.”


High Concept: Guileful Adept Soldier

Trouble: Human Work

Aspect #1 – Caesar’s Right Hand

Aspect #2 – Ash’s secret mentor

Aspect #3 – Muir Woods Ape Tribe Pillar

Good (+3) Sneaky

Fair (+2) Clever, Forceful

Average (+1) Careful, Quick

Mediocre (+0) Flashy


“Because I was tortured in a laboratory by humans, I get +2 to any vengeful or covert action I take against a human.”


The 20th Century Fox Planet of the Apes reboot is a great foundation for stories about the base nature of man, the use (and abuse) of technology, the power of language and the shape of leadership. I hope these character conversions serve as a useful resource for your Fate Accelerated Planet of the Apes Tabletop RPG Story Arcs. I am very excited about the upcoming 2017 War for the Planet of the Apes and I would really enjoying hearing your thoughts on the new series and what you think this film holds for us. Thank you.

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