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Nerdarchist Nubz here with the lowdown on Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition FOR THE RACES, BY THE RACES, AND FROM THE RACES! Namely I will be breaking down the pros and cons of  each role for each race. The roles namely being Tank, Caster, Specialist, and healer. Read up and enjoy the latest 3B but check out the YouTube channel for the video of Nerdarchy East speaking on this exact same subject.



Tank: With the bonus to con, weapon proficiencies, and either subrace having something special for this role. Namely, the hill dwarf sub race has bonus HP and the mountain dwarf sub race has +2 STR.

That being said, I love the resistance to poison and the skill in some form of craft keeps your tank from being useless in his downtime.

Caster: Alright, I gotta thank Nerdarchist Dave for a fun build he pointed out to me here. With Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition taking away the arcane failure and the Mountain Dwarf gaining proficiency in light and medium armors, you can easily craft up a mage who is wearing armor and not flinching away when other mages pick up their skirts and run.

I wouldn’t suggest a dragon sorcerer but the abjurer or necromancer are amazing options.

They both emphasize the defense making you able to continue to blast long after they expected you to fold.

Specialist: The Dwarven Trapmaster has been iconic since Dungeons and Dragons 1E, that being said, 5E was not kind to this build. The heavier armors give disadvantage on stealth, the dwarven weapons cannot be used with sneak attack, but there is hope!

The hill dwarf is a good option with it’s bonus to wisdom aiding their senses, dwarven dark vision making it so no light source is needed, and never forget that bonus to HP that hill dwarves get. (average for a d8 is 4.5, the dwarf con bonus and hill dwarf ability brings that average up almost 50% to 6.5 per level).

If a guild needs a race for a rogue to be able to sneak in the dark, carry the loot home himself, and survive long enough to divvy it up… they want the dwarf.

Healer: Dwarf cleric, if ever there was a race and class combo it was here. The possibilities are truly magnificent. With the weapon proficiencies aiding all but the tempest or war cleric, the mountain dwarf’s armor proficiencies allowing you to get heavy armor for the caster types (PHB 125, “If you gain the same proficiency from two different sources, you may pick another of the same type”), the hill dwarf’s HP and wisdom boost.

Really, any way you go with this class is good to go. Druid being ever so slightly less perfect, and the battle bard being amazingly set. Dwarfs are probably my favorite race for healers and always have been.



Tank: The Eldritch Knight is kinda custom made for this race. That being said, the elf is master of the stick and move style. Use it to your advantage and hit the enemies hard before they have the chance to think twice. High dex will crank the AC up a bit while also fueling your finesse based weapon choices, which the elf is proficient in regardless of class choice. What is nice is that the high elf gets a cantrip and the wood elf gets the highest speed plus some stealth, drow having their spell like abilities. Really, they round out their tanks very very nicely.

Caster: Well what can I say about the High Elven Mage that 40 years of dungeons and dragons hasn’t already covered? Well alright, darkvision is new, as is the new bonus cantrip feature. That being said, WOTC has come down and said that trance does not restore spell slots any faster, so keep that in mind! Now that being said, I loves me some high elven wizard. The extra dex keeps you safe and the int boosts your casting. The drow sorcerer is a nifty little option as well. The greatest weakness a caster could ever have is being taken by surprise. The elf race has proficiency in perception and darkvision to guard against exactly that.

Specialist: Now here is one that surprised me. In my group we have a wood elf rogue that is rocking everything rogue’ey possible. Training in perception, darkvision, the high speed, and the weapon proficiencies all make for a beautiful specialist. The wood elf even has an ability that allows them to hide when even lightly obscured by natural elements. Yes, WOTC has even said mist, fog, dusk, or similar effects count! No one surprises the wood elf rogue or ranger and no one sneaks up on them either.

Healer: The elven healer is not entirely well known and for good reason. The elf doesn’t really mix well mechanically with any healer class. That being said, the elven druid is a beautiful thing thematically. Role-play options abound! I do want to point out the paladin oath of the ancients screams elf and makes a capable pseudohealer. High wisdom is common to healers, and the elven perception makes them able to spot trouble easily. The weapon proficiencies are far outside what any of the healer classes and thus add diversity.


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Tank: Alright now, hear me out. Beyond the hilarity of a halfling barbarian, there is grounds for these buggers to actually make a decent tank. Lucky is able to allow you to reroll attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws. The brave ability grants you advantage vs fear. The real gem is the halfling nimbleness, which makes it so no medium or larger creature can keep you from your allies. Then count in the dex bonus for ac/finesse and the stouts con for extra hp. Stout also gains advantage+resistance vs poison.

Caster: In my group with Nerdarchy West my buddy Thor is playing a halfling chaos sorcerer to great effect. Namely he has been using the lightfoot’s ability to hide in the space of medium and larger creatures space. This adds kinda a “did lightning just fly out of the half orc’s butt?” The lucky ability comes into play again, and the nimbleness allows you to get away when you need. Still, gotta love the half orc lightning fart.

Specialist: Halfling rogue, this race and role combo has been around since the beginning. Like the VERY beginning with Bilbo Baggins. Dex bonus, hiding in people’s spaces, lucky, and the sneak attack is a nasty combo. The fact that you would be touting the ability to run away with nimbleness if you pick this race makes it hard to resist. Honestly, you would be hard pressed to beat the light foot halfling.

Healer: Alright, well the halfling doesn’t spring to mind when I think of healers but the biggest weakness in every edition for a healer has been getting your squishy butt to a healer or the healer getting to you. Though healing has more range in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Halfling does cure this for the most part with the oft mentioned nimbleness. They can  run past everything and heal the target before he falls to the underworld. This can be unbelievably handy when the time comes. Also, when/if Eberron is printed you will see the dragon mark of healing arise within this race.


dungeons and dragons 5th edition

***Humans are the race of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Editon that allows you to be anything and make yourself into everything***

Tank: With the Human’s ability to get a bonus feat (optional rule) you can get some amazing thing’s done. I think it was Nerdarchist Ted who pointed out the power of Heavy Armor Mastery’s power (Damage Reduction 3/magic) but also note Sentinel allows you to be a royal annoyance to anyone threatening your allies. Tough can push those HP up high too.

Caster: Elemental Adept, Spell Sniper and Warcaster are the golden tickets of a human caster. Never hesitate to look at Tough to make a more durable caster.

Specialist: Mobile, Alert, Observant, and Skulker are nice little bits of fun for any of this race role combo. Make it what you wish but I’d advice against losing your stealth.

Healer: Warcaster, healer, and just about anything for a Tank will work here. Worth note, again thank you Nerdarchy East, the healer feat actually allows you to out heal a low level cleric regardless of your class. This makes the human able to be a healer AND something else. Kinda a race ability and a nifty one if you ask me.

Now that covers the common races of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, I will be covering the uncommon races soon in the next issue of 3B. I would love to hear your input about this and the uncommon races. Please like, share, comment , as we survive on your interactions and… well it would be chaotic evil to let us die right? This is Nerdarchist Nubz signing off, stay nerdy my friends and role with it.











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