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D&D Quest Starters by Character Class — Fighter and Monk

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Welcome back. Or welcome, if this is your first foray into D&D Quest Starters. The thought behind these ideas is to give simple little scenes that offer roleplaying, a skill challenge or both, for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons characters based on their character class. These things can take five minutes and can be great to give a player whose character does not normally step into the limelight and allow them to shine, or at least encourage them to roleplay their character. Only you know what each of the players in your game are capable of as well as what is going to interest their characters. The advice here is designed to be generic but these ideas can hopefully inspire you to encourage your players.


D&D quest starters fighter

If a player latches onto the NPC you provide, then feel free to build on that scene over time to have it mean more and the character might keep coming back to the NPC or vice versa. That is why it is a quest starter — it can easily lead to some fun long term quests over time. Use the navigation bar at the top under the title to check out quest starters for other classes like barbarian and bard, and cleric and druid..

D&D quest starters — fighter

class to your &D quest starters monk

Fighters are consummate warriors. They are unrivaled champions on the battlefield. Whatever the chosen weapon, or group of weapons, fighters know best how to implement those tools of the trade. They have typically spent years honing their battlecraft. This idea of study can be practice and reading in the safety of civilization or hard earned on the battlefield watching those around them suffer and die. With that being said lets look at some quest starters for the fighter.

  • Admirer. This is an easy one that can be taken in a variety of directions. It could be a romantic interest. A former lover or even someone who has pursued the character because their feelings were not reciprocated. Having someone like this turn up unexpectedly in front of the party can be awkward. It could also be something as simple as someone dedicated to the same fighting style looking for points of advice or even a lesson.
  • Rival. Anytime you have someone who posses a skill there is always someone else who already does it better or is trying to do it better. Here you can insert a foil of your choice. Maybe it is someone born with the knowledge and has never had to work to be a skilled combatant or maybe it was someone the character humiliated years ago back after years of hard training.
  • Games of Skill. No matter what type of fighter you are typically you put a good score in Strength or Dexterity if not both. This leaves fighters as very athletic. Perhaps there is a competition going on that might interest the character. What if there was prize money? This is another way to add in an NPC that could be upset about losing or even winning.
  • Apprentice. I know you have seen it before on the other articles, but it always applies. If the character is high enough level — even 3rd level is enough to distinguish oneself from the common rabble — they might find some commoner who wishes to learn from the fighter. This can add extra issues into combat if a low level NPC is following you around or create extra things to do in town as you are setting the commoner on missions.

D&D quest starters — monk


The monk is another who is skilled in combat though they prefer spending time in meditation and perfecting the body and mind as opposed to just the body. Their weapons of choice come from a much shorter list but include their body as weapons. They are spiritual as well, though they are less concerned about the divine as say a cleric or paladin.

  • Monastary. Each monk typically trains at a monastery as they follow a Way. If they do not train at such a place they might have learned from another who has. How will the monk react by meeting someone of the same Way? What about a different Way? This could easily be something that can either go into a skill challenge as they test each other or it just as easily be roleplaying as they get into a simple conversation.
  • Opposed views. Like many orders or organizations each Way has a set of ideals they wish to keep. How will the monk respond to someone of opposing views in the center of civilization? If aggressive acts are criminal but words are not how will the monk deal with someone who is picking away at their willpower? Will they walk away, will they embrace the combat side of their training and chance jail? For this the NPC should be charismatic and confident. They should allow PC to make the first move or be confident enough to not engage in a fight.
  • Lost Way. A fellow student of the same Way approaches the monk and asks why they continue on the path. His way is closed and see no way forward. Perhaps they have hit a moral quandary in their training or perhaps it is a simple lack of skill barring their way forward. This could be a student who started before or after the PC depending on what kind of interaction you are looking for. If it is a younger student this could be a teaching moment for the PC. If it was an older student you get to showcase that the PC has moved past a former classmate who should be more advanced but is not. Depending on how the roleplaying goes the PC could show them a few things they learned in their journeys or force them to do it on their own.
  • Apprentice. This one always works. See above for how best to use this.

So there you have it — another set of quest starters. Get those players engaged in the game and encourage them to roleplay. Where will your quest starters lead?

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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