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D&D Spelljammer live stream

D&D Heads to Space with Spelljammer Live!

You’ve heard us talk about it. You’ve read posts here on the website about it. You’ve seen recorded gameplays of it. On Friday, March 16 at 1:30 p.m. eastern you can see us play it live! The premiere of our newest live stream game will take a party of adventurers into fantasy space with Ingest Quest, a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer campaign.

As the Dungeon Master for this D&D live stream Spelljammer game, I’ll be guiding Nate the Nerdarch, author and Nerdarchy staff writer Megan R. Miller, sensational YouTube creator Puffin Forrest, Cardboard Fortress Games’ Anthony Amato, and Twitch personality and Nerdarchy co-host Kienata on a culinary quest through fantasy space.  [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Ingest Quest is subject to change. It’s a working title!]

Gonzo D&D in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

D&D Spelljammer live stream

The cast of Ingest Quest – Puffin Forrested! [Art by Puffin Forrest]

As cast and crew of Ingest Quest, these adventurers will seek out and explore exotic cultures and cuisine across the known – and maybe unknown – spheres. These interspherical voyages, arranged in advance by their producers and sponsored by the arcane communications platform Hark, will carry them far and wide on a quest of gastronomical proportions to share with the rest of the Vortyx, the known spherical systems of the galaxy.

The backdrop and setting for Ingest Quest are the spheres and surrounding phlogiston developed for a sister game Starward Bound: The Incredible Journey streaming live on Web DM’s Twitch channel Tuesdays from 6-9:00 p.m. central, with rebroadcasts on Saturdays 1-4:00 p.m. central. Web DM’s Pruitt will be the Dungeon Master for this game, with events in each of our games potentially crossing over into the other, subject to each DM’s perogative. It’s not necessary to watch both streams in order to follow the story, but we both thought it might be fun to have an option to touch on elements from each other’s games from time to time.

And Pruitt isn’t the only one from Web DM launching a new live stream game. Jim Davis will be the DM for Land Between Two Rivers, a new campaign starting Thursdays from 6-9:00 p.m. central, with rebroadcasts on Sundays 1-4:00 p.m. central.

Starward Bound premieres on March 20, and Land Between Two Rivers on March 22. Be sure to subscribe to both Web DM and Nerdarchy on Twitch and YouTube so you can get notifications on live stream events and new videos.

D&D Spelljammer

This art from the Hyperlanes corebook is designer Ryan Chaddock’s favorite piece. [Art by Avery Liell-Kok]

I could not be more excited for the Ingest Quest D&D game! The group’s session zero steered the campaign in a wholly different direction than my initial ideas, really leaning into the gonzo aspects of the Spelljammer setting. Character options for the game were fairly wide open, and different elements came from a variety of sources. The innovative species system from Hyperlanes, a couple of homebrew subclass options and a healthy dose of reflavoring existing content made for a very unusual party of adventurers.

During our session zero, and in conversations the group had via our channel on the Nerdarchy Discord, I noted several times the concept of eating and the nature of food itself emerge. The oddball assembled party was already headed for the deep end so I pitched them the idea for a interspherical travel food show and they seemed to dig it so we’re going all-in.

Like many of our real world’s most successful programs in this genre, the cast of Ingest Quest will travel to far off places in search of rare delicacies, learning about the culture and cuisine to share with their audience. But it’s also D&D, so you can expect quite a bit more dangerous action than you might see on Departures or No Reservations.

Live stream for beginners

For my first foray behind the DM screen for a live stream game, we’ll play using the theater of the mind approach. There’s enough going on without me having to manage a virtual tabletop. Down the road perhaps we’ll deploy something but for now you’ll be seeing six people doing their best to draw you into our imaginary world with vivid description and lively roleplaying in our arsenal.

During the course of our prestream prep, Puffin Forrest created an incredible promo video to announce his appearance not only on Ingest Quest, but his other upcoming gaming events. As part of the video, the cast of Ingest Quest makes an appearance in the unmistakable Puffin Forrest style. Check out his video below to find out where else you can find him gaming online and get a sneak peek at our culinary adventurers. If you haven’t checked out Puffin’s YouTube channel, head over there for a ton of hilarious animated RPG content!


Full circle D&D Spelljammer

This live stream campaign is completely surreal for me. A couple of years ago, I got back into RPGs after a lull of a few years through a combination of Adventurers League, Nerdarchy and Web DM after moving from Cleveland to Austin alone for a job. After moving back to Cleveland, I started a D&D group with friends and took the campaign in a Spelljammer direction after watching videos from – you guessed it – Nerdarchy and Web DM.


Spelljammer live stream

Illithid like to kick back and chill at the tavern just like anyone else in the Spelljammer setting. [Art by Jim Holloway]

And now just over a year after getting involved with Nerdarchy as a writer and later content manager, I’ll be running a Spelljammer game on the Nerdarchy channel, with Nerdarchy players and a sister game with Web DM. How bizarre is that?


I also have Nerdarchy to thank for evoking a great admiration and enjoyment for live stream RPG playing. They got me hooked early on through our Open Legend Aether Skies game and I get more fascinated by the concept all the time.

While I guide this zany crew of adventurers through their D&D Spelljammer adventurers, I’ll try my best to keep an eye on our live stream chat audience and I hope to see a lot of both familiar and new names there. Friends and acquaintances from regular Nerdarchy live chats are always great to interact with, and new comers are of course more than welcome too. Be gentle.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Spelljammer, it’s a campaign setting originally from second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons where magical spaceships powered by arcane helms use a spellcasters’ energy to propel through the wildspace within unfathomably large crystal spheres and the multicolored gaseous phlogiston between them.

It’s already more than halfway there when it comes to outrageous adventures and my goal is to complete the journey.

From everyone involved with Ingest Quest, we hope to see you as we embark on a fantastic galactic voyage to discover some of the most wonderful secrets the spheres have to offer…and then eat them.

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