D&D Barbarian 5E — Path of the Frost Wyrm

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Nerdarchy has teamed up with Pacesetter Games & Simulations as well as Vallejo Paints to put together something special in our opinion, but we might be a bit biased. For one, both companies are sponsoring this article, video, and contest. So, disclaimer out of the way if you care about such things. Inspired by the Frost Wyrm miniature by Pacesetters Games & Simulations we came up with the concept of the Frost Wyrm barbarian tribe. As well as a brand new D&D barbarian primal path for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. For some extra inspiration we had our former intern Jake Kosman work his magic with Vallejo Paints.

D&D Barbarian 5E — Path of the Frost Wyrm

We came up with a whole adventure, D&D barbarian Primal Path, and a slew of NPCs and social encounters with the Frost Wyrm tribes’ folk. And we put it all in the free Fane of the Frost Wyrm package.

You can also enter the contest to win both unpainted and painted miniatures of the Frost Wyrm as well as the paints to paint them here

The first thing we did is build up a little narrative on Twitter. Here is the original D&D story we told using the Frost Wyrm:

Part of the fun of developing these adventures and supplements for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons is we get to develop more and more of our Chimes of Discordia campaign setting. Little by little we fill out the content of Ulthe-Ganya. This part of our little story unfolds in a region of Ulthe-Ganya called Kredgefur’s Belt.

Kredgefur’s Belt is our equator. A reverse equator that is an arctic region encircling the world. Most of our games have focused south of the belt in the region around Gryphongaff. Both Nerdarchist Ted and I have begun exploring the belt in two separate new campaigns run for new gamers.

In the center of the belt lies the buckle. A series of large basins filled with hot springs create valleys that are far more hospitable to live in. At the center is the city of Fausthaven. Fausthaven is different than any of the others.

While the other basins are filled natural springs that heat them, Fausthaven is heated from a region of hell that was magically transfixed in the caverns beneath what is now Fausthaven. Unfortunately along with bits of hell, devils of all sorts hitched a ride.

Fausthaven started as its own isolated oasis in the tundra with a dark secret to it. Then we came up with the buckle concept based off of five words that found their way into the Path of the Frost Wyrm download. Nerditor Doug did much of the writing on that product based on the video above. He mentions the Tribe of the Ice Bear as antagonists to the Tribe of the Frost Wyrm. I really latched onto this piece and it sparked my imagination.

Sorry for the rambling, but the point is our world grows in fun and unexpected ways. Hopefully take a look at some the Nerdarchy Store products and let us share our world with you and your gaming group. Stay nerdy.

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