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D&D 5e

From D&D Adventuring on the Moon to What’s That Smell Nerdarchy’s Nerdy News and Weekly Digest

Red Herrings, The Golden Chimera, and Post Apocalyptic 5e- Hell Yea We Are Talking About Tabletop RPG Games
Raging Barbarians, Variant Rangers, and WOTC Closing Down the Forums- Nerdarchy's Nerdy News and Weekly Digest

Nerdarchist Dave here and welcome to another edition of the nerdy news.  It was a great week for fan pics and art.You guys and gals are awesome keep it coming. People are still asking if they can get into the Nerdarchy Saves the World D&D 5e Modern Game as NPC’s. I believe Scott will continue to take submissions for as long as the game is running. Just send them over to nerdarchy@gmail.com.

We’ve also rolled out Nerdarchy the Forum and Nerdarchy the News Letter. In the news letter  you will be given an opportunity to get into tabletop rpg games run by a member of Nerdarchy. Top menu is where you can find the forum and the right side bar is where you can find news letter sign up.

OutKast Urban Underdark D&D Campaign Fan Art

Nerdarchy Saves the World 5e Modern D&D Fan Pics and Art

On Nerdarchy.com

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The YouTube Channel-

9-6-2015 Nerdy News and Weekly Digest Blog, YouTube, and Other Nerdy Goings Ons

D&D 5e Modern Game Play Nerdarchy Saves The World Session 1 Part 2

Enticing New Players Into the Tabletop RPG Hobby

D&D in Space Adventuring on the Moon| GM 9 1 1

High Level Games Vs Low Level Games for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

D&D and Romance- Putting That Loving Feeling Into your Tabletop RPG| GM 9 1 1

Adventure Scents with Dungeon Scents for your Game| Tabletop RPG Gaming Product Review

A Villain Seeks Redemption| Live Dungeons and Dragons 5e Game Play Session 11 Part 1

Thanks for hanging out with us for another week here at Nerdarchy.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the nerdy news as much as I’ve enjoyed bring it to you.

Until next time “Stay Nerdy”

-Nerdarchist Dave


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david friant

My name is Dave Friant I've been gaming off and on for over 27 years. But here is the thing it's always been a part of my life I've kept secret and hidden away. I've always been ashamed of the stigma that gaming and my other nerdy and geeky pursuits summon forth. Recently I decided screw it! This is who I am the world be damned. From now on I'm gonna be a geek, nerd, or however folks want to judge me and just enjoy life. Currently one of my greatest joys is introducing my 13 yr old son to table top RPG's.

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