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DC Universe Online Is Experiencing A Rebirth

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In the great big world of massive multiplayer online games, the market is very make-it-or-break-it. Yeah there are some games that are bigger than others, but the ones that really catch fire hit a specific market and consistently update the content. DC Universe Online, or DCUO for short, had hit the market so hard they beat out the market leader to become the ruler of the roost.

From going free to play, to the consistent new powersets that are given to the new players, DCUO has kept it coming. The MMO visits not just content inspired by hot topic events like various movies, huge comic arcs and cosplay fads, but also brings in things from the fringes of the comics to entertain. Truly, DCUO has got it on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

DCUO highlights


Mister Miracle demonstrates the Skimming power in DC Universe Online. This doesn’t have anything in particular to do with Update 73 or this article. Mister Miracle is my favorite superhero and I’m laying out the images so I’ll put whatever I want, by The Source! [Screenshot from DC Universe Online placed by Web Editor Doug]

There are some things DCUO has done that impressed me on multiple levels. Some other MMO games do, but some are things that are all original.

  1. Content from the comics new and old. Everything from playing as or fighting alongside your favorite comic heroes and villains.
  2. Content for all sizes of groups. That’s right, you get events for massive groups, duos for you and a friend, and everything in between.
  3. Customizable costumes that can change whenever you want. You pick up a new piece, you can use it in your costume even if you are no longer equipped with it.
  4. Action oriented combat. I hate click-wait-click-wait combat of games such as a certain world of some sort of craft. This game involves combos, power interactions, and everything in between.
  5. Seasonal events. The comics have long since had special holiday comics, but DCUO incorporated these into the game. Everything from Larfleeze stealing Christmas on down to Green Ivy and Swamp Thing going head to head for Earth day.
  6. Lore. Between the events, the various content updates, the investigation and briefings you have more lore than you know what to do with.
  7. Teamwork. This game has ways of grouping people that are above and beyond many others. Most of all, I love how the roles encourage team work.
  8. Immersion. This game sucks you in and makes you feel like a hero or a villain. In fact, what struck me most was there is not just super heroes or villains, but also basic criminals or troubled citizens. As a villain you can push a guy off a ledge, but as a hero you can talk him down. The level of detail in every area is intense.
  9. Balance between paid and non paid content. The game has always made me feel like given time, a player who is free to play can potentially be as powerful as many of the pay to play users. Though yes, there is a difference, you do not feel it nearly as much as you do in say… Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  10. The feat system. I love this, especially because I can use replay tokens to get my new characters through content that was a nightmare to get through originally. YAY! It’s the anti-grind!

DCUO rebirth

With Update 73 DC Universe Online has done a major change from the ground up. Everything I had hoped for, and many things others asked for, have been granted. Check it out in this quick list and the liveplay video above. Mind you, this does not cover half of the impact of this update. It changes everything, from the ground up, and truly is a rebirth.

  1. Stats have been balanced across the board. Now progression is much more flowing, not prone to sudden jumps that block people out of being viable. Not only this but they have been made easier with no defense caps. More is better, and that adds to what has been clearly defined with the fact that precision adds to weapon attacks, and might adds to powers.
  2. No more power points. You simply have all the powers of your power set to fit into you six power slots as you wish. I love this so very much.
  3. Iconic powers now take skill points. Thus they don’t define your build but instead enhance it.
  4. Roles have been altered. This allows for everyone to contribute actively to the success of an event.
  5. Equipment has been rebalanced. Now everything is geared to the specifics of the new stat style.
  6. The way healing works has been changed. Every heal is more impactful and the healer role requires less button mashing.
  7. The way power returns from controller has changed from the ground up. Now everything you do returns power to the group.

Well that is our brief overview of some of the changes brought about by the stat revamp ushered in by update 73. Why not give the game a whirl and try it out? I would love to hear your builds and experiences. Let us know in the comments below.

Play on PS4 or PS3? Did you know that Nerdarchy has a community that plays together often? Go ahead and search in the community section for Nerdarchy and for the player Nubz_The_Zombie!

Did I miss something? Have any Questions or Comments? Feel free to message me at www.facebook.com/NubzTheZombie or at nubz.the.zombie@gmail.com

Stay Nerdy,


DCUO screenshot gallery

Below are a few images captured from my own gameplay experiences with DC Universe Online. Look for Nubz_The_Zombie on PSN and we can take on the DC Universe together.

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