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Play Report – DC Comics Fate Accelerated Tabletop Roleplaying Game One Shot (Tanyar Discovered)

World of Darkness: The Ravnos vampire
World of Darkness: The Tremere vampire

DC ComicsGameFate Accelerated RPG, using Fate Accelerated Justice League to see how DC Heroes can be built in Fate Accelerated and then using the DC Comics Encyclopedia (Updated and Expanded Edition) to add lots of villains and heroes as options for both the Game Master and Players.

Game Attributes – All players physically gathered around a standard gaming table at the Friendly Local Game Shop Alternate Universe in Holmes, Pennsylvania.

Game Setting – The DC Comics Universe with players able to select any DC Hero or any DC Villian (if they had a reason to serve on the side of the Angels for a One Shot).

Game Agents

  • Game Master J. Scott Garibay
  • Player Ted Cuff – Playing Amazo (Power Absorbing Android)
  • Player Jonathan VanDerziel – Playing Harley Quinn (Unpredictable Catalyst)
  • Player Bill McManus – Playing a hero of his own design, Jumper (Utility Belt Wielding Teleporter)

Story Events

  • Fate AcceleratedCatwoman attempts to one-up Penguin by stealing the haul from a Bank Robbery moments after Penguin and his minions (who are wielding high-tech laser assault rifles) crack the vault at Sullivan Bank in Gotham, Catwoman is badly injured in her attempt and calls in the player characters (Harley Quinn, Amazo and Jumper) to rescue her
  • Harley and Jumper slip Catwoman away from Penguin and Amazo battles Penguin and knocks him unconscious (but only after he is badly damaged)
  • Harley, Jumper and Amazo take Catwoman back to Selena Kyle’s home and call Nightwing to 1) bring medical help (which Catwoman needs urgently) and 2) for Nightwing to take custody of the unconscious Penguin
  • Catwoman is stabilized but Amazo has sustained damage to his systems and Nightwing offers to take Amazo to Cyborg for repairs
  • Harley and Jumper accompany Amazo to Star Labs where Cyborg begins repairs
  • While Cyborg repairs Amazo, Harley and Jumper discover that Cyborg is in the middle of aiding Batman with three separate investigations: 1) A large shipment of high tech military weapons stolen from Meriba Docks in Gotham, 2) Random Portals opening onto Earth from another Universe and 3) a Shrouded Puzzle
  • In thanks for repairing Amazo, Harley, Amazo and Jumper all offer to help track down Cyborg’s only clue to the missing large shipment of high tech military weapons, half of a skateboard that was found at the scene of the theft (Meriba Docks)
  • Harley, Amazo and Jumper see that half of the skateboard has a blue rose symbol on it and head across Gotham to speak to Poison Ivy
  • En route to see Poison Ivy, Harley, Amazo and Jumper are attacked by Mr. Freeze and his minions (who are wielding high-tech laser assault rifles)
  • Harley, Amazo and Jumper defeat Mr. Freeze and his minions and take Mr. Freeze back to Star Labs and interrogate him with Cyborg and Nightwing
  • Mr. Freeze confesses, explaining he and Penguin were contracted by Gorilla Grod to steal the large shipment of high tech military weapons specifically to supply them to Tanyar
  • Mr. Freeze reveals Tanyar is an Amazon who has used Wonder Woman’s long absence from Themyscira to become the new leader of that island, imprisoning Wonder Woman’s Amazon allies and forming an Amazon army that will attack Los Angeles in 48 hours, taking new land and new wealth for the Amazon people
  • Cyborg thanks Harley, Amazo and Jumper for solving the mystery of the missing large shipment of high-tech military weapons and leaves to inform the Justice League of Harley, Amazo and Jumper’s discovery

DC Comics

Closing Notes – Fate Accelerated and DC Comics

This was a super fun game to prepare for, and even more fun to run. My respect for the Fate Accelerated Tabletop Roleplaying Game grows every time I run it. I ran this as a One Shot because I unfortunately do not have the time to add another campaign to my gaming schedule, but the players asked me to run another game as soon as possible. Fred Hicks’ Fate Accelerated Tabletop Roleplaying Game does such a great job of drawing players in with a fast, flexible rules system that opens up existing worlds to robust play. Highly recommended, if you just pick up the free pdf version of the rules or if you go crazy and spring for the $5 print version.

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