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Hero Forge custom miniature conquistador

Conquistadors Take to the Field from Hero Forge!

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You know me as the guy who loves miniatures. If you have been here before then you know having options with your minis is the best way to go. Hero Forge is a custom miniature creation company where you can design a mini to your own specifications. You can then have your custom miniature printed in the material of your choice or purchase the STL file and print as much as you like on your own 3D printer. And with the holidays in full swing, Hero Forge offers the perfect way to share the joy of creating custom miniatures with all the adventurers in your life.

Hero Forge conquistador custom miniature

Click the image to visit the Hero Forge website and create your own custom miniatures plus load up on gift cards for the adventurers in your life.

Conquistadors and so much more from Hero Forge

If the loads of race and item choices Hero Forge already offers to create your custom miniature are not enough, every Tuesday they announce on Facebook what new options they are releasing. You read that right — Hero Forge releases new options every single week and if you follow them you can see just what new things they come out with.

This week’s release is the Conquistador Armor Set & Heavy Jousting Helm! This armor is heavily inspired by the historical Spanish conquistadors and features the Heavy Plate Gauntlets, Conquistador Breastplate, Segmented Leg Armor and Heavy Plate Boots. Likewise, the Heavy Jousting Helm is the perfect protection from your opponent’s lance!

Hero Forge custom miniature conquistador

Thanksgiving will never be the same. This steel turkey conquistador custom miniature took about 5 minutes to create and stands ready to defend all of turkeykind!

Perhaps you are looking to add more culture into your game, and one sure fire way to do that is through the new culture’s armor. These new options for your custom miniatures not only look cool but have the potential to inspire new characters. Hero Forge also gives you the ability to make your custom miniatures with piecemeal armor. If you want different gauntlets or different boots, Hero Forge’s customization process lets you decide if you want a custom miniatures with matching or unmatched armor pieces.

With the holidays upon us perhaps someone or someones you are shopping for might like to make their own perfect Hero Forge custom miniature. Why not purchase a gift card? It is a fantastic gift for all of the adventurers in your life. The joy of designing a custom miniature themselves and making it exactly the way they imagine, and the anticipation of its arrival is exciting. The pleasure of opening when it arrives at their home is a lot of fun. And the thrill continues through using their custom miniature game after game through the campaign. This holiday season surprise the adventurers in your life with a Hero Forge Gift Card delivered instantly via email. A Hero Forge gift card can be used to purchase all digital or physical minis on the site.

So if you need or want to make the perfect custom miniature for your tabletop role playing games, I sincerely recommend checking out Hero Forge. I know I have an ever growing collection of Hero Forge minis, so I ask the question: Why don’t you?

Hero Forge is currently running a sale, too! From now until Dec. 2, all digital STL files are marked down to $3.99, and you can get $5 off any one printed custom miniature with the code EPICHOLIDAY. Head to the Hero Forge website here and start bringing your imagination to life with your own custom miniatures.

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