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Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition From Custom Campaign Settings to Celestial Sorcerer Origins |Nerdarchy’s Nerdy News and Weekly Digest

Hello and welcome Loyal Nerdarchist,

Nerdarchist Dave here with last weeks run down. So maybe some of you have noticed we’ve scaled back on the nerdy content on YouTube. The question is “why”. No worries, we haven’t run out of things to say yet, even though we have well over 600 videos most of which are probably about Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Nope that isn’t it all.

We’ve been working on a special project and there is only one way to find out about it. That is by joining Nerdarchy the Newsletter if you haven’t already. You can do that right- Here


Raging Barbarians, Variant Rangers, and WOTC Closing Down the Forums- Nerdarchy’s Nerdy News and Weekly Digest

Hello Fellow Gamers,

Nerdarchist Dave here. Let’s jump right into things. Big news this week in the RPG community. Wizards of the Coast has announced they will be closing down the forums over on their website.

I don’t know if this is a wise move for them or what their reasoning is for it. I do know a lot of Dungeons and Dragons players and dungeon masters are going to be unhappy about it. I know I used to spend lot of time lurking on those forums. It used to be a place where we could look for official answers to our questions. I know it isn’t quite the same, but here on Nerdarchy our very own forum is in it’s infancy stages. You can check it out –Here

D&D 5e

From D&D Adventuring on the Moon to What’s That Smell Nerdarchy’s Nerdy News and Weekly Digest

Nerdarchist Dave here and welcome to another edition of the nerdy news.  It was a great week for fan pics and art.You guys and gals are awesome keep it coming. People are still asking if they can get into the Nerdarchy Saves the World D&D 5e Modern Game as NPC’s. I believe Scott will continue to take submissions for as long as the game is running. Just send them over to nerdarchy@gmail.com.

We’ve also rolled out Nerdarchy the Forum and Nerdarchy the News Letter. In the news letter  you will be given an opportunity to get into tabletop rpg games run by a member of Nerdarchy. Top menu is where you can find the forum and the right side bar is where you can find news letter sign up.

OutKast Urban Underdark D&D Campaign Fan Art

Nerdarchy Saves the World 5e Modern D&D Fan Pics and Art

Red Herrings, The Golden Chimera, and Post Apocalyptic 5e- Hell Yea We Are Talking About Tabletop RPG Games

Hello and welcome to another week of nerdarchy tabletop rpg gaming content. We cover a lot of ground this week and even stir up some controversy

tabletop rpg games

Dungeons & Dragons Master Rules (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

while we are at it.  Special guest Scott Garibay makes an appearance for a couple of videos as well. First let me apologize for our most contravention video to date.

I don’t regret tackling the subject matter I lust believe we could of did a better job and chose better language. At the end of the day our goal is to get more people playing tabletop rpg games and we do NOT care what walk of life they come from as long as they are decent people. Nor do we wish people to leave the hobby regardless of their social class, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or anything else someone might be biased against.


5E Dungeons and Dragons Content from 8/9-8/16 Weekly Digest and Nerdy News


Great fan art inspired by one of our world building videos. Thanks Mike Gould

Another week has passed and a lot of content has gone up between Nerdarchy.com and as well as over on our Nerdarchy YouTube Channel.

Every Sunday you will be able come here and partake in our weekly offerings all conveniently located in one place.

This will also be where you can find any special info or news:

examples New T-Shirt design launches, contests, how to receive free bonuses, upcoming events and appearances, etc.


Goblin Glitches by another awesome Nerdarchy fan. This piece of fan art is inspired by a technical difficulty we experienced during our urban Underdark live play game.

Things we’d like to mention-

Check out DMGinfo on YouTube

He suffered a horrible YouTube glitch where he lost 10k subscribers and we want to help him get back to that number. He is half way there. The channel is all about crafting awesome terrain for gaming. It’s a great place to go if your are looking to do it yourself.

The Roll a Pair T-shirt sold- Here

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