Dragon Bagons Dice Bag Kickstarter – Hoard the Shiny Things!

Following up on the success of her first Kickstarter campaign, New Zealand’s Bridget Hughes returns to the crowdfunding platform with a new project! Under the Wayward Masquerade brand, Hughes created Bagthulhu, the diabolically adorable Cthulhu dicebag. Now the crafter has … Read More

Wayward Leather puts Designs on Nerdarchy Live Chat

Nerdarchists Dave and Ted welcomed artist and craftsperson Mellie Z. to the Nerdarchy live chat to talk shop about her fantasy-themed leatherwork creations. Mellie hand-crafts fantastic pieces for display, wearable garments and accessories, bags and “monster boxes.” Her work has been … Read More

‘Bagthulhu’ from Wayward Masquerade – World Domination One Adorable Dice Bag at a Time.

Bridget Hughes from New Zealand has a dream of a world under the dominion of adorable yet menacing dice holders. Her business, Wayward Masquerade, has created many amazing products over the years, but her most popular and iconic is ‘Bagthulhu,’ … Read More

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