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Psionics and Psychic Warrior in 5E D&D Part 1 — The Intro

I have a condition. The make my own rules condition. It reasserted itself when I read D&D 5e: Rules Designed to be Broken: A Roleplaying Game Philosophy by Falsteph. I heartily agree that the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons team gave us enough information to the point we can break those rules where we see fit. We gained the required insight into the overall theme of the rules and gameplay to manipulate it to our liking. Next, I started with my write up of Spelljammer 5th Ed. It was just a short attempt to be prepared for the Spelljammer game Nerdarchist Dave is running this week. Now it is on to my favorite class in the whole of D&D multiverse — Psionicist. This is not to say the development staff at Wizards of the Coast aren’t good people or they aren’t great designers but it is to say I am so much of a fan of psionics that I can’t wait.

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