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Board Games in Review – Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords


Hello and Happy Monday.  You know what that means.  It is time for another board game article.  I have been playing board games for quite a while and they can get time consuming.  I have focused for a while on some games that can be played in a short amount of time, but today I am going to go through a game that takes some time.  Dungeon Lords.

How Evil will You be when You Become one of the Dungeon Lords?

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Gamescience providing precision dice for more than 40 years

Photo courtesy of Gamescience
Louis Zocchi at GenCon 2014. / Photo courtesy of Gamescience

For those old enough to remember the earliest days of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role playing games, the dice available often were of lackluster quality. Sometimes soft but brittle around the edges, the dice had a tendency to flake or dent easily, not only making them appear less than appealing, but also damaging their statistical usefulness. Even today there are players who are interested not only in the attractiveness of the dice they purchase, but the accuracy of those dice. Continue reading Gamescience providing precision dice for more than 40 years

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Board Games in Review – Batman Fluxx – Card Game

Batman FluxxHappy Monday Fellow Nerdarchists and game lovers.  Today Lets look at the Fluxx series by Looney Labs and their Super Crime fighting version of Batman Fluxx.  I have been playing flux for a number of years.  It is a great game to pull out when you have a few minutes or a few hours to kill.  The games can go fast and are always fun and different.

If you have never played Fluxx, in any of its widely assorted versions, It is a simple to follow game that starts off with only drawing one card and playing one card.  As cards are played you use strategy to accomplish a goal without another playing either changing the goal or fulfilling it before you can.  There are over 20 different versions of Fluxx on the market each uniquely designed to give you the feel of the flavor of each deck.

How will You Stop the Crime Spree in Batman Fluxx?

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Board Games in Review – Red Dragon Inn

red dragon InnHello and Happy Monday everyone.  I had a chance this weekend for Nerdarchy to play a new game: Red Dragon Inn.  And it was a fun time.

Red Dragon Inn is the game of what happens in the Inn after the adventure is over.  There are two components to the game. You have gold, and you need gold to drink and gamble as well as your alcohol and fortitude. If you run out of gold you stumble off to bed, if your alcohol level ever meets or exceeds your fortitude you pass out drunk and the Inn and party members take your gold.

Save Your Gold in Red Dragon Inn

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Board Games in Review – Boss Monster – Card Game

board gamesHello again my fellow board game lovers.  Nerdarchist Ted is back to review another board game.  Today we look at Boss Monster.  This great card game made with art in tribute to the old style of video games but has awesome references to them in the art and flavor text as well.

In Boss Monster you get to play the bad guy and have heroes try to raid your dungeon.  You get to out out rooms that try to stop them from getting to you.  You have different types of rooms such as trap or monster rooms.  You get to play them out in front of your “Boss Monster” to protect him or her from the adventurers that want to slay you.

Can You Be Top Boss in Boss Monster?

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Board Games in Review – Quarto Classic – Puzzle Game

QuartoHello Nerdarchists and Board game lovers.  Let me introduce you to the wonderful game of Quarto classic.  This is one of those awesome games that it only takes a few minutes to learn but can be played over and over again and is still enjoyable.

You can play with your kids or your friends and still have the same challenge.  It is designed for ages 8 and up and is only 2 players.  I have played with friends as well as my seven year old and I still have to try.  We recently played a few games and we ran the full range of choices.  We each one one game and one game where there was no winner.

Do You Want to Play the Board Game: Quarto?

So What is Quarto?  Quarto is a game played with 16 game pieces and a four by four grid where the pieces go.  Each pieces has four different qualities that can be used at any given time.  It is either light or dark.  It is either board gamessolid or hollow.  It is either round or square.  Lastly it is either tall or short.

All you need to do is line up four in a row that share a single one of these qualities.  The real catch is that you do not get to pick the piece you play.  Your opponent gets to pick that.  So it’s important to focus and use your powers of observation.

The game can end in a draw or an even game as the rule book says if you mange to place all 16 pieces and there is no quarto.  The other crazy thing about the game if you are paying more attention than your opponent and they play a piece that makes four in a row and they do not notice it, when they hand you your piece, you get to call quarto and win the game.

However should you play your piece and later one of you notices the winning line it is ignored and can’t win using board gamesthat line.  The fast pace of piece play means that you can rapid fire through games pretty easily and get more game play in in a short amount of time.

Do You Modify Your Board Games?

Speaking of fast paced, the game can be modified if you so desire.  From your collection of board games grab a timer, or just use your cell phone.  Give each other a time limit to play the piece or you get to play it for them.  doing this does two things.  One it can speed up the game and make it more challenging.  Second it forces the over thinkers or over planners to play faster possibly making mistakes to your advantage.

Should you desire this game also comes in mini form as well should you have limited game space or just prefer a travel version.  OR you could just get both.

So if this sounds like a game you want grab it here.  Thanks for reading and as always Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!



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Board Games in Review – Sword & Sorcery – Kickstarter

sword & sorceryAre you looking to get in on the ground floor of Kickstarters hottest new board games?  Let me introduce you to Sword & Sorcery.  It is a Epic Fantasy Co-op board and miniature game.

The Legend begins! Play heroes of epic stature in this fantasy board game, with high-quality figures and amazing cooperative gameplay.

The game is designed to be played  in about 90 minutes.  With lots of different class choices and multiple board lay outs it makes for high return play-ability.  The unique A.I. system no gm is needed and there is even solo play just in case you need to waste the rainy day away.

Will You Support Sword & Sorcery on Kickstarter?

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Board Games in Review – Resistor – Card Game

ResistorHello Board Game fans let me introduce you to a wonderful card game: Resistor.  You might have seen my earlier post talking about this wonderful game while it was on kickstarter.  Well if you missed the article or missed kickstarter today is your lucky day.  The game is fully published and available on Amazon.

It is the era of nuclear war.  Countries stockpiling global thermonuclear warheads have entrusted their nukes to supercomputers.  Two such computers, Deep Red and BLU9000, have had their launch sequence initiated.  Fearing mutually assured destruction, the computers race to hack one another so they can launch unimpeded and destroy their enemy. 

Will You Survive Nuclear War with Resistor?

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Board Games in Review – Castle Panic

Castle PanicHello again guys.  Castle Panic is a great board game for those that love a challenge.  There are games out there that are literally players against the game itself.  In Castle panic you are in a castle that is beset by an army of army.

There  are multiple methods of playing this game, all of which require the players to go up against the minions of the Overlord attacking the castle.  There 49 minion tokens in the game and in most play throughs they will destroy your castle walls and kill you out right.

Will You Panic playing Castle Panic?

If you are lucky and manage to get a win against the minions in standard play the player who kills the most monsters is the Master Slayer.  If you prefer to play the game and not keep score, maybe to not hurt other peoples feelings, you can set the game to co-op and only play against the minions of the overlord. Continue reading Board Games in Review – Castle Panic

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Board Games in Review – Firefly Yahtzee – Dice game

firefly yahtzeeHowdy Nerds and Nerdarchists. Nerdarchist Ted here I apologize for the short post for today.  I am not feeling well but the duties of being a Nerdarchist must not go unfulfilled.  So today let me bring you Firefly Yahtzee.

We have all played the game.  Lets face it, if you are reading this you probably love dice like I do and and everyone love Mal and his crew.  Normally when considering purchasing a Yhatzee game, people would say, “I already have 5 six sided dice, what do I need this game for?”  And that is the big stitch.

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Board Games in Review – Cards Against Humanity – Card Game

Cards against humanityCards against Humanity is a fantastic game for a group that has a perverse sense of humor.  In this card game each player around the tale take turns playing a card from one stack which has a sentence or expression with one or more banks.  Each player then uses one of the cards in their hand that they feel best matches.

Play Cards Against Humanity at Your Next Get Together

The back and forth gives everyone equal share at judging.  The real enjoyment of this game is the ridiculous nature of the cards.  Some of Nerdarchy played this recently and the longer we played the crazier the cards and combinations appeared. Continue reading Board Games in Review – Cards Against Humanity – Card Game

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Board Games in Review – Cosmic Encounters

Cosmic EncounterHello and Happy Monday to you all.  Nerdarchist Ted here and I am pleased to bring you another great board gameCosmic Encounter is a fantastic strategy game where each player represents a different alien race attempting to dominate the universe.

The game involves each player getting one of 50 different alien species and each has a special power.  Players get to either pick their race at the beginning of the game or if you want a real challenge you can have it picked randomly.

Cosmic Encounter – Strategy Game

Each turn you can attack one of the other players in attempt to gain a colony.  But it is not as simple as just using your over powering armada of ships to attack the other players, though that is one strategy that you can use if you like. Continue reading Board Games in Review – Cosmic Encounters

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Board Games in Review – Fluxx the Board Game

fluxx the board gameIf you are into board games and card games then you should have played one of the numerous versions of the great game Fluxx.  It is an ever changing card game where the rules can change not only round to round but even turn by turn.

Well the awesome people behind Fluxx the card game have made Fluxx the Board Game.  Looney Labs brings you the game where the only constant is change.  All the hilarity of the base card game mixed up with moving pawns around the game board to collect goals.

The base goal of the game is to move your pawns to the icons for either the current goal or the goal you are looking to play.  If you meet the goal you can collect the goal card.  Collect the number of goal card equal to the win condition and you win.

Be warned the other players in the game can bump your pawn off of the space.  So make sure your strategy is sound or your other players could mess you up.

Looney Labs Presents – Fluxx  Board Game

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Board Games in Review – Quarriors Light Vs Dark – Dice Games

QuarrirosNerdarchist Ted here and we get to yet again dive into the wonderful world of board games.  Today lets talk about Quarriors Light Vs Dark.  Quarriors is a great game at its core that takes the deck building game one step further and lets you have a dice building game so that it is dice that you get randomly on your turn.

The base game and its expansions have been fun, but today we are going to look at the new base game Light vs Dark.  If you are familiar with the base game and unfamiliar with the new then lets go over a few things first.  If you are unfamiliar with either you will pick it up fast.

As with any game you need a resource to be spent an in this game it is called quiddity.  Quarriors likes q-words so if you wind up reading the manual  get used to it.  In the base game quiddity is just basic and is not seperated, but in Light vs. Dark you have basic quiddity as well as  Light and Dark quiddity.

Quarriors Light vs. Dark Can You Shed Light on it?

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Board Games in Review – Thunderstone Advance – Deck Building Game

Thunderstone AdvanceGreetings fellow adventurers.  Care for a journey into a dungeon filled with monsters?  if you answered yes then Thunderstone Advance is the right game for you.   While this is a deck building game it does require some more strategy than some other deck building games because unlike other games you can either buy or fight on your turn not both.

Can you defeat the Bearer in Thunderstone Advance

Now this is my biggest gripe of the game not being able to do both but it is an element of the rules.  but once you own your own copy, feel free to ignore this rule and allow the good time to roll.  Continue reading Board Games in Review – Thunderstone Advance – Deck Building Game