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Bungie’s Destiny 2 Launches Open Beta with Live Gameplay

“Eyes up guardian… just kidding. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am to be your ghost. Ever since I found you on Earth it has been a non stop ride. From the Black Gardens and the vex god you killed, to the entire hive royal family you put down. Remember how angry Oryx was with you? Good times, almost as good as the jokes Cayde would tell while you played soccer. I will never forget why you tried to get Zavala to join in those dance parties of yours. Those were the days… Guardian, remember the look of admiration when you got from Saladin when you shut the others down in that Iron Banner event? Bit of friendly competition was just the way to celebrate success against the SIVA crisis. We have come a long way together. My favorite was feeling the rush of wind during the sparrow races. Or maybe when you hit the shield brothers with the Gjallarhorn rockets. Man that was… hey… Eyes up Guardian, for real this time. What’s that? Up there in front of the Traveler…?”
-Ghost designation D1NKL80T

Promotional art for Destiny 2 [Image courtesy of Bungie]

Come join us on Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 as Nerdarchy Staff Writer Nubz tries out the open beta!

Play on PS4 or PS3? Did you know that Nerdarchy has a community that plays together often? Go ahead and search in the community section for Nerdarchy and for the player Nubz_The_Zombie

Have any Questions or Comments?
Feel free to message me at www.facebook.com/NubzTheZombie or at nubz.the.zombie@gmail.com

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Nigel “Nubz” Sanford

Nubz hails from the American Pacific Northwest where he has spent the last 24 years living the gamer life and running campaigns of all kinds. Through this he has managed to sate his acting bug and entertain many. Now a father, he wishes to pursue writing to leave a legacy in Nerd culture for his offspring to enjoy.

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