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Furies of CalderonHello all and welcome to another week over here on Nerdarchy.  I am Nerdarchist Ted and today I want to share one of my favorite book series: Codex Alera.  This is a series written by Jim Butcher, my favorite author.

I had been reading his other series: The Dresden Files, look for a review on that in the near future, when I decided to check out his other works.  The first book in the Codex Alera series is called Furies of Calderon.

This story takes place in a place of high fantasy with many Roman undertones.  You will learn why as you get into the series.

The magic in this world is fun and unique and makes a gamer want to play in this very rich world.  Jim Butcher if you are reading this please make this a gaming system or world so that your fans can enjoy this world in a new way.

See that is one of the cool things about this author. Jim Butcher is a gamer.  He not only gets us, he is one of us.  If you live out in the mid west you might have teh ability to do Live Action Role Playing with him.  That would truly be awesome. 

 Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher

Ok I was already hooked on the authors other books when I sat down to read this book.  It can take a Codex Alera

while for me to be drawn into a novel.  I had been a novel reader for more than a decade when I started reading this series and could polish off a regular sized novel in a week or two.

As I read and tuned the first few pages I was in love with the words on the pages.  I was hooked, and hooked hard by page 9.  The way magic works and how everyone has access to it makes for a world that is much richer in flavor.

The book starts off with a lot of action and the characters that are the main focus are all memorable and enjoyable.  Even the bad guys when you can pick them out are able to pull your heart strings and make you care about them.  Or at least they did to me.

In many series you get many perspectives.  I have read some books that when you get to their chapter or section you utter a groan as realize that you hate that character.  In Furies of Calderon I never had that issue.  Every character speaks to me on some level and I continued plowing onto the book.

 Codex Alera

Jim ButcherI loved every character and delighted in reading this book.  My only downside to this series  is an advantage to other readers. And that bad thing is that this series is capped at 6 books and is completed.  I love the anticipation of waiting for  anew book and having fulfillment when I finally get it in my hand.

I started reading this series when the third book was planned for a month away.  I tore through book one and two quite quickly and was able to go to the store and buy book three right away.  The revelations in book three are quite cool and only cement the love of the story for me.

So to round it out. You have a great cast of characters, you have a wonderful and rich setting, a unique magic system that fits so well with the world and lastly an engrossing and fantastically great story.  If you are looking for a great series I highly recommend you go check out Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher.  You can get it here.

Jim Butcher is a fabulous author and each culture he creates for this setting are built so real you feel you could walk right into it.  Thanks for reading.

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