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Board Games in Review – Shrimp Everywhere – Kickstarter

Shrimp EverywhereHello board game enthusiasts! Today I grab another game from Kickstarter and another game by local game company Black Slither Games.  Today let me introduce you to Shrimp everywhere.  Shrimp Everywhere! is a game of nonsense and immature toilet humor we all love. Forget everything you believe in and make funny happen!

The mechanics are quite simple and you will probably laugh a lot at the ridiculousness of the cards you are holding, so be prepared for that.  If you have played Cards Against Humanity and enjoyed it, it is highly likely you will enjoy this one as well.


Fantastic Funny Game on Kickstarter – Shrimp Everywhere

The mechanics are different from CAH as in the judge does board gamesnot get a card in which the other players fill in the blanks but yet each other player creates their own absurd sentence containing at least one noun, one action and one shrimp card.

The player who constructs the sentence chosen as the winner by the judge earns a point and the first to 5 points wins the game.  It is as simple as that.  So why not pop on over to Kickstarter, support Black Slither Games and grab yourself a copy.  I will be getting mine.

This is a fantastic board game with lots of humorous pop culture references like Samuel L. Jackson or Kim Kardashian’s Ass.  How many other games do you know of that you can play with that ass.  Well you can do this in Shrimp Everywhere!

Typically in the past Black Slither Games has had a level that if you are just finding them you can get all the board games they have made all at once.  This time holds up.  For $65 you get all four games and the expansion to Battle of the Electric Vikings, another awesome game.

I am excited for this one and I hope you are too.

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy

Please Support Indie Game Developers – Black Slither Games

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