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Board Games in Review – Resistor – Kickstarter

ResistorNerdarchist Ted here and our friends over at Cardboard Fortress are getting their first card game on Kickstarter and it is a great one. You can check them out here.

RESISTOR_ is a fast, fun, and intense two-player competitive card game in which you play as one of two supercomputers in charge of your country’s global thermonuclear warheads. Through the manipulation of double-sided cards on the table and in your hand, you create a line that is either red (for DEEP RED) or blue (for BLU9000) that goes across the board into your enemy’s base. Each player gets three actions and must take all three before the turn is over. Toss in some Resistor cards, either strategically or to introduce some chaos. The first person to get their enemy up to DEFCON 5 wins!

This card game has a unique play style as all the cards are double sided and card gameyou not only get to use the cards in your own hand but those in your opponents as well. As you play cards you connect the computer terminal signals together.  If you can get an uninterrupted stream of your color from your computer to theirs you do a damage to their computer, as you get a success hack in. This essentially slows their progress of launching the nukes.


The challenging and interesting facts about the play method of this card game is that you get three actions on your turn.  The tricky part is you must play all three actions before you can end your turn.

If you have a complete pathway, a successful hack if you will, into your enemies computer you still have to complete all your actions.  This can easily mess you up, sometime more than your opponents actions.  You essentially have to create this uninterrupted pathway 5 times  to wipe your opponent out.  In this card game though turns tend to heat up and get more crazy and chaotic as the stream of seven cards can be cut down with the cards that are resistors.

Check it out on Kickstarter

board gameWhen a resistor hits the board it has the chance to heal a player of the damage they took but also is then removed from the board making the number of cards between the players less, and making it easier for you to get that uninterrupted line to your opponent.

And lets face it how many games do you have in your house that when you win you get to say launch missiles?

Cardboard Fortress are great people and this is a fantastic card game.  I have eagerly awaited this Kickstarter launch for a while.  So get in on this project now and help these guys out.  I know I will.

You can see a game play of Cardboard Fortress playing Resistor- Here


 Thanks for checking this out and I really hope you support this one.  Remember as always, “Until next time Stay Nerdy!”

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Ted Adams

The nerd is strong in this one. I received my bachelors degree in communication with a specialization in Radio/TV/Film. I have been a table op role player for about 20 years 17 of which with the current group. I have played several itterations of D&D, Mutants and Masterminds 2nd and 3rd editions, Star wars RPG, Shadowrun and World of Darkness. I am an avid fan of books and follow a few authors reading all they write. Favorite author is Jim Butcher I have been an on/off larper for around 15 years even doing a stretch of running my own for a while. I have played a number of Miniature games including Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Heroscape, Mage Knight, Dreamblade and D&D Miniatures. I have practiced with the art of the German long sword with an ARMA group for over 7 years studying the German long sword, sword and buckler, dagger, axe and polearm. By no strecth of the imagination am I an expert but good enough to last longer than the average person if the Zombie apocalypse ever happens. I am an avid fan of board games and dice games with my current favorite being Quarrios.

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