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Resident EvilHello my fellow Nerdarchists.  Nerdarchist Ted here and I got another board game to talk about.  I have mentioned other Deck Building games, But today I am going to Talk about Resident Evil.  You have probably played the games.  You have probably watched the movies but did you know you can also play the board game?  You can get yours here.

Resident Evil  – Zombie fitting DBG

Now you have to use your imagination to see the gore and blood splatter instead of seeing it on your high def TV.  But the flow of the game is really good.  Resident evil offers you the same kind of option presented in Thunderstone, another cool Deck building game, but it adds stuff as well. 

For one you can buy something and fight in the same turn.  Additionally this game  offers up the thing to fight being a mystery. The previously mentioned deck building game lays out three enemies that can be fought in the dungeon where as you get one flip and you either kill it or you do not.  deck building gameAnd who does not like the chance to be killed randomly but the super boss buried somewhere in the mansion deck.

Every player in this game has a health level and you can be defeated and even killed so you are out of the game.  So be careful when exploring the mansion. The Big Bad is in there somewhere and yo do not want to meet him when you are not ready for it.

So Resident Evil is full of new play options not in other DBGs.   Resident Evil lets you pick your hero from characters you already might be familiar with from the movies or game.  Additionally you also can gain a level to unlock new abilities.  So choose your hero wisely as his or her health and powers greatly can effect the play of the game.

Deck Building Game

Now I am not much for joining tournaments but a friend convinced me to a local tournament for this game.  For playing I would get a promo card and if we won I would get more promo cards and a resident board gameEvil game mat.  Although I kicked some major but in that game my team mate really took the other team for a ride.

This is the the play mat I got to take home from the game ->

He narrowed his deck down to a single 5 card hand which guaranteed an out put of 120 damage.  This enabled him to literally not need to buy anything else and always killed whatever was there when he kicked in the door of the mansion.

As with most  games, Resident Evil does have a different card selection for each mission or random if you want to play that way, so there is no guarantee that my teem mates strategy can be repeated but if you see the combo always go for it as it will give you the win.

Lastly Resident Evil, although the box claims 2-4 players, some scenarios offer solo play. Move over solitaire I am going to kill undead when I am bored.  Yeah it might take a bit more set up and clean up than a standard deck of cards but it is so much more fun.

So there you have it another deck building game you can add to your collection.  You can get your copy here.

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!

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