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I was in good spirits and interested in helping my mom out by consolidating some tires and other nasty things into a trailer today.

yellow jacket Bee Stings and Other Nasty Things in an RPGNature had other plans for me and I met those little terrible stinging plans right out the gate.

Immediately after moving a tarp, the first object, out of the way I was set upon by a bee stinging at blur-like anime speeds.

Too fast for me to visually spot I received 6 bee stings from the blurring akuma of a yellow jacket. I was saved from further bee stings by my Nerdarchy shirt (no claims of bee stopping might are guaranteed).

The wasp got stuck on the painted letters as it tried to spam attack twerk itself towards a stinging victory.

Bee Stings and Other Nasty Things in an RPG

Thankfully I don’t go into anaphylaxic shock  that easily. Otherwise I would be writing this from the hospital but the bee stings are painful, itchy, hot, and swollen.

All of these effects would cramp a RPG adventure’s style and possibly ruin the next few days for them.

Nasty things can make the world seem more real and believable to anyone who has had nature deal out some punishment on a camping trip, walk through the woods, or just while going to get food down the street.

mosquito swarm Bee Stings and Other Nasty Things in an RPGA mosquito swarm, slimy sticky spider webs, and aggressive wasps are some of the nasty things that get an adventurer in a RPG lamenting their choice on the last fork in the road.

While they don’t take up much more time than describing what happens to the player they can be useful in setting the mod and expectation of the area.

If it is harder to swing your sword or wear armor because of complications from the bites and stings the player’s know that it is more of a hardship than a few nuisance pests on a dark night.

Bee Stings and Other Nasty Things in an RPG

Giving the player characters some type of in game penalty can help less experienced players understand that what happened to them is affecting them in more ways than simple itching, swelling, and painful bites and stings.

Don’t stack it on too heavy but take examples from what is available like the Nerdarchists did in the following video

Diseases and ailments are another way to incorporate game play effecting injuries and complications without just dealing damage. I did an article about diseases here

These stingers, disease, and ailments are a good source to help focus the goals of the players while giving them quests to rid themselves of problems requiring medicines, plants, and / or items.

In the end remember to engage the 5 senses for the rpg players to help make their inconvenient accumulation of aches and pains mean something beyond the general distress of the injuries.

Let me know what kind of nasty things and bee stings happened to you or an adventuring party member in the comments below

Share this with like minded individuals and until next time,

Stay Nerdy!

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