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Author: Scott Garibay

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Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 4

NPCSanforth felt the white, runed stone in the leather pouch at his belt. It had been two weeks since Ferrion Gatebreaker, leader of the adventuring band the Spire Strikers had given it to him – since she had left the Silver Gryff Inn. Those two weeks had been busy. Adventuring band Sovereign Rain had (with Gryff’s consent) used the fields near the Silver Gryff Inn to broker a trade for a magical spear they had procured in Faerun.

Three wizards and one monk, each from a different plane, had brought chests of coins and collections of magic items to bargain for the spear. Sovereign Rain had even brought in a special negotiator from Aebrynis to help manage the trade. The whole affair had proved to be quite profitable for the Silver Gryff Inn, which had done much trade in mutton and ale and all rooms had been full for days before and after the trade. Sanforth thought about Ferrion, her ambition to create her own unique spells, about the extemporaneous meal time they had shared in the stable. He also considered her request, to throw the white runed stone into the river if he saw the two brother adventurers who carried matching black swords, each bearing a glowing white gem in its center.

Building a Cypher Rules System Shadowrunner Elven Street Samurai

Shadowrun cypher systemThe Nerdarchy Crew is preparing to run a new Tabletop Roleplaying Game Campaign using two systems, Monte Cook’s Cypher Rules System and Catalyst Games Shadowrun.

Because we are doing something a little off the beaten path I (as the Gamemaster) had to determine a path to making sure each player’s character is what they want to play but is also sound based on the Cypher Rules System and the Shadowrun World.

Here is the path to creating the Cypher Rules System Shadowrunner.

  • Determine Player’s Vision
  • List Shadowrun Cyberware
  • Shadowrun to Cypher Conversion


Determine Player’s Vision for Cypher System Conversion

Player Mike explains that his character (an Elf Street Samurai named Deldrach Lukian) was born into a poor family. After his goblinization (into an Elf) he left his family and made his way on the street of Seattle.

tabletop roleplaying game

Lockport to Tyrmoor – An Adventure for Tabletop Roleplaying Game Ghost Lines

Ghost Lines is wonderful Tabletop Roleplaying Game with some fantastic benefits. The game is –tabletop roleplaying game

  • Concise
  • Free
  • Unique

This is all due to the masterful work of Tabletop Roleplaying Game visionary John Harper.

The theme of the games is steampunk trains. These trains travel through dark wastelands infested with dead spirits that are drawn to the energy of the living. The players play hard-scrabbled protectors (called “Line Bulls”) of the trains’ passengers. The line bulls use special tools to destroy the spirits that come in contact with the trains or to fend them off.

The rules of the game are a condensed set of mechanics based off the Dungeon World Rules System.

You can get a copy of the Ghost Line game here.



cypher system

Nerdarchy Cypher System \ Shadowrun – Blending Two Games in a New Campaign

NerdarchySince the summer of 2014, I have been fortunate to run a One-shot and three Tabletop Roleplaying Game Campaigns for the Nerdarchy crew. These games have used 1) the Fate Accelerated Rules System, 2) the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Rules System and 3) the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Rules System (all available to view at the links below).

I am fortunate that the Nerdarchy crew has invited me to run a fourth Tabletop Roleplaying Game Campaign for them. This will be the most challenging Campaign so far as we will be endeavouring to accomplish something we have never done before. We will be using the Rule System from one Tabletop Roleplaying Game and the World from another Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 3

dungeons and dragonsThe Background Story for J. Scott Garibay’s Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player Character, Sanforth Grunswain

If you have been following the Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn, welcome! If you are new to the Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn, you can start at the beginning here at Part One.

Sanforth shook his head as he watched Ferrion Gatebreaker stomp toward the Inn. Glad to see the back of her, he was now free to get to the tasks of his role, the work of a stablehand.

Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Gryphongaff Session 17 Play Summary

dungeons and dragons 5th editionThe Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Gryphongaff Session 17 was one for the record books. Here is a Play Summary to details the epic play session that Dungeon Master Ted Adams ran (in the world of Ulthganya, which David Friant help him build).

(If you are looking for the next piece in the Tales of Silver Gryph Inn, that series will continue with Part 3 next week.)  You can read Part 2 of that series here.



Ayson Shardgale (Played by Scott Garibay) – Human Wizard (Criminal)

  • Associated Game Elements
  • Trisgar the Bold – Halfling Wizard, Master to Ayson, who apprenticed with him for ten years
  • Jenfel the Seamstress – Runs Ayson’s Spell Component Shop, Shardgale’s Magical Sundries
  • Manse Shardgale (Location) – Ayson’s home, a grand multi-story dwelling which was purchased with a loan from local Gryphongaff merchants that Ayson pays monthly
  • Obsid Strandon – Earth Genasi Wizard (Gladiator), Apprentice to Ayson

Unthengar (played by David Friant (Father)) – Mountain Dwarf Fighter Wizard (Guild Artisan (Blacksmith))

Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 2

dungeons and dragonsThe Background Story for J. Scott Garibay’s Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player Character, Sanforth Grunswain.  You can check out part one here.

Sanforth judged there were six riders coming in from the forest, heading toward the stables. He turned and jogged to the center of the third floor. The lift had Feather Fallen back to the first floor. Without hesitation, Sanforth leapt into the open center of the third floor, falling 15 feet before catching a smooth wooden beam with both hands. His momentum slowed and he swung from the beam at the edge of the second floor circular opening and somersaulted backwards onto a bale of hay on the first floor.

Dungeons and Dragons Character Stories

Scritching the ear of a dark mare in passing, Sanforth headed toward the entrance\exit of the stables.

Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 1

dungeons and dragonsThe Background Story for J. Scott Garibay’s Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player Character, Sanforth Grunswain.  Last week I completed the write up for Oljatts armor.  You can read about it here.

Sanforth lowered the wooden bucket into the dark well. His eyes swept across the thick grass, a waist-high well-built stone wall and then the Silver Gryff Inn.

  • PC \ Sanforth Grunswain – Human (Male) Fighter (Folk Hero) \ 3 years of service at the Silver Gryff Inn
  • Location \ Silver Gryff Inn – A large Inn 20 miles east of Oljatt City

Dungeons and Dragons Character Story

Sanforth took note of warm lights beaming through each window. He could hear the quick notes of a lyre. Lyles the Red was in for a full week and already the Inn was starting to fill. Sanforth was relieved to hear no sounds of confrontation. Gryff expected Sanforth to help Quick Zern and Little Migwa if there was a brawl in the Inn. Sanforth was excused if magic was involved, but even with that caveat he had helped in more than one situation involving a drunk wizard.

dungeons and dragons

Oljatt Century Armor – A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Artifact Magic Item Collection part 3

dungeons and dragonsLast week we talked about the Magic item I have created for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Editions.  You can read part 2 here.

Dalmorg of Bren, an Elf Wizard travelled the Kingdom of Asiant, recruiting other wizards and clerics to aid in the construction of the Oljatt Century Armor. In total 19 wizards, 8 clerics and 340 craftsman labored for 25 years to create the 100 individual suits of Oljatt Century Armor.

The wizards and clerics that gathered the arcane and divine powers to imbue the Oljatt Century Armor were from cities and villages scattered across Asiant. All 340 craftsman who forged and assembled the physical components of the Oljatt Century Armor were native to the city of Oljatt.

Eight distinct magical capabilities were woven into the Oljatt Century Armor.


All physical aspects of the wearer’s are magically enhanced. (+2 to Strength \ +2 to Dexterity \ +2 to Constitution)

dungeons and dragons

Oljatt Century Armor – A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Artifact Magic Item Collection part 2

dungeons and dragonsOljatt Century Armor (Armor Design) – A Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Artifact Magic Item Collection

If you missed last weeks article you can check it out here.

The Oljatt Century Armor’s design was carefully considered by its mundane, arcane and divine crafters. Each of the 100 Oljatt Century Armor Suits are identical in their physical appearance.


The Background and Character Stories of Lyles the Red — Half-Elven Bard

Hello fellow nerdarchists. I’m here with something a little different from the usual content — a character backstory for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons without stats or mechanical crunch. Perhaps we’ll make a regular series of just character stories. We’ve done character builds in the past and will continue to put them out in the future, but I think it’ll be nice to focus on the story elements of a tabletop roleplaying game. In this case our character emerges from 5E D&D but since it is only narrative elements it’s easy to use this character for any game or setting.

Dungeons & Dragons Edition Diets

Hey it’s Nerdarchist Dave. Happy New Year to all of the Nerdarchists out there. If you’re not sure if you are a Nerdarchist just check out the Urban Dictionary entry for Nerdarchy below and then you decide. Here is an article written tongue and cheek by a good friend of Nerdarchy’s not to mention an uber Nerdarchist in his own right, J. Scott Garibay. I thought it would be a nice way to kick off 2015.

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