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Author: Dave Friant

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Looney Labs + Table Top Day = The Looney Lounge & A Whole Lot Of Fun!

A lot of fun was to be had at the 2nd annual Tabletop Day hanging out with the Looney gang.  Nerdarchy decided to take a little road trip for this tabletop day from New Jersey over to College Park, Maryland. Six of us piled into a mini-van and began our quest for Loonacy and fun.  Let me tell you there were plenty of both to be had.  Literally as depicted to the right there :).  Loonacy was one of the many games we got to play while at the Looney Lounge Tabletop Day event.

Tabletop Day Is Coming: Break Out Your Board, Card, & RPG Games!

Tabletop day

With the upcoming International Tabletop Day we here at Nerdarchy would have to hand in our nerd/geek card if we didn’t make some noise about it. Nerdarchy is starting what I hope will become a new tradition for us by going on a road trip to the Looney Lounge which is being hosted by Looney Labs April 5th for International Tabletop Day.

Mutants And Masterminds, An Awesome Table Top Role-Playing Game!

I’ve been lucky enough to experience four different superhero role-playing games; two editions of Green Ronin’s Mutant and Masterminds, the original Marvel Superheroes FASERIP system by TSR, Mayfair’s DC Heroes, and Heroes Unlimited by Palladium, but Mutants and Masterminds has been my favorite by far.  It was actually during a Heroes Unlimited RPG session that I was inspired to seek out a different superhero role-playing game.

Game Master Tips — Rewarding Player Choices In Your Roleplaying Game

Game Master Tips
Want your players to have a better game?  Then reward their choices from character creation onward.  Every role-playing game I’ve ever been involved in has benefited from the GM setting up a synergy between his game and the player’s choices.  This is one of the best game master tips I can give a Game Master (or GM for short) who’s just getting started, in fact I would say that these are the tips to making sure your players enjoy your game.  It’s real easy for the GM of a role-playing game to feel like it’s his game, but the truth is the game belongs to everyone at the table.

Holy Crap! Nerdarchy’s Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters (Part 1)

No story is complete without it’s villains and Dungeons and Dragons monsters are no slouches where villainy’s concerned. Over the years Dungeon Masters (or Game Masters) have been terrorizing their players with all kinds of critters faithfully supplied to them from their Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals as well as their own twisted imaginations.

My top 10 scariest Dungeons and Dragons monsters list

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