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Having been inspired by all the animated D&D stories popping up on YouTube, Nate the Nerdarch decided to try his hand at an old D&D adventure of ours. Back in the early days of our gaming group things were quite different than they are now. Currently we enjoy creating collaborative stories between Dungeon Master and player. This was not always the case.

TPK animated D&D stories D&D adventure
TPKs happen. [Art by Kurt Taylor aka Greenairplane on Deviantart]

TPK was NBD back in the day

The Dungeon Master kind of lived by his own set of rules where during a typical D&D adventure he’d basically try to kill the characters. Not outright though — that would violate some unspoken rule. The idea was to create winnable but tough scenarios your players would have to navigate and try to survive. The challenge of those encounters didn’t always match up to the capabilities of the players.

Yeah it was kind of dickish, but we had no idea at the time and really didn’t know any better. It wasn’t like you could pop on the internet to learn how to play D&D back then. There wasn’t even gaming stores to play and learn from. Most likely your DM style would be similar to whoever introduced you to the game. Back in the day there was no shortage of killer DMs. I should of prefaced this with the fact we are going back over 20 years.

As a group our style began to evolve and get a little more story driven and less killer DM-ish. I have to admit at the time I was a pretty harsh DM, but considered myself fair. I’d create tough encounters and sometimes the players would need to run away. If not there were often dire consequences.

Animated D&D stories Nate the Nerdarch decided to tell

You can find part one below with more to come. It was the first campaign I think I ran for the group. The group consisted of my buddy Steve, my brother Ryan, my girlfriend’s kid brother Ted, and his friend Nate. It was probably Steve who wanted to do the evil party. I’d agreed. We had a psionicist grey dwarf, minotaur barbarian, dark elf necromancer, and a half-orc thief I think. Back then rogues didn’t exist.

Nate the Nerdarch tells the story of how they all eventually meet their fate throughout this particular D&D adventure. At the time of writing this article he’s working on the second part. It’s no secret how this ends — a TPK (total party kill).

I’ve had a few in my time as a DM as well as a player. It’s just kind of part of the game. Your character died and you made a new one,  probably starting over at 1st level.

Animated D&D stories

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