A.J. Kirk Of Team YoYoJam Doing Yo-Yo Tricks At Yo-Yo Club

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It all began May 10th 2014 in Woodbury, N.J. with A.J. Kirk of Team YoYoJam starting up a Yo Yo club here in South Jersey. Let’s start with the events that lead up to meeting A.J. which would have to be South Jersey Geek Fest which was a first year con for geeks that took place April 19th this year. With out that event Nerdarchy would of never met the super talented A.J. Kirk of Team YoYoJam, because that is where I met the organizers for our own little local con known as SJ Geek Fest here in Woodbury, N.J. Which then lead me to hanging out at Tiki Tiki Board Games.

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Tiki Tiki is where I first encounter A.J. at little “May The 4th Be With You” party that was being thrown.  Let me tell you I was completely blown away when I saw the yo yo tricks this guy could do. I mean I think he could don a cloak and fight crime with just a pair of yo yos. He is that good. When A.J. told me that he’d be hosting a Yo Yo Club in Woodbury,N.J. Right away I knew this was something I wanted to take my kids to.

I showed a video of A.J. doing yo yo tricks to my kids and my 9 yr old daughter Kayla immediately wanted to join in on yo yo club. My son David who is 13 not so much, but once he got there his tune changed. Both of the kids are really digging on yo yo club. It also helps that A.J. is really great with the kids. I’ve already mentioned A.J. is on a pro team which is sponsored by YoYoJam, but here is something that I learned about him that totally blew me away.

A.J. Kirk is ranked number 12 in the world for free hand yo yoing also referred to as 5A. When I think of that little tid bit I’m amazed. Billions of the people on the planet and he’s ranked number 12 in the world. Think about, it’s kind of crazy!

In case you were wondering there are five categories for yo yo-

  • 1A-The player uses a long sleeping yo-yo to perform string tricks which usually require the manipulation of the string.
  • 2A-The player uses two yo-yos simultaneously to perform reciprocating or looping tricks. This tends to be the most visually entertaining style with some players incorporating acrobatics into their routines.
  • 3A-The player uses two long spinning yo-yos to perform tricks that involve manipulation of the string.
  • 4A-The player uses an offstring yo-yo, often releasing the yo-yo into the air and attempting to catch it on the string.
  • 5A-The player uses a yo-yo with a counterweight on the other end of the string rather than having it attached to a finger.


Back to Yo-Yo Club where to learn yo-yo tricks

So here is the best part of Yo Yo Club it’s free and takes place every Saturday at 4 P.M. So if you are in the Woodbury, N.J. area come check it out at-

Tiki Tiki Board Games
232 S Broad Street
Woodbury NJ 08096(856) 202-5103

A.J. also has some of his previous students showing up which is great, because they have been awesome about helping out the newbies at yo yo club. When you show up to Yo Yo Club it isn’t just yo yo. A.J. is a stilt walker, juggler, and balancer in addition to being a Professional Yo Yo Master

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  1. Tim Lawlor
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    A J's signature yo yo is the Ringmaster by Yo Yo Jam. Shout out to AJ.

  2. Tim Lawlor
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    A J's signature yo yo is the Ringmaster by Yo Yo Jam. Shout out to AJ.

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