A New Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Race – Vessel

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While most deities are bound to a plane, Jika and Ukan have always existed free of this restriction. Free to view every plane at every moment from every vantage, Jika and Ukan spent their time marvelling at the beings that lived and died on the many planes. One day, Jika said to Ukan, “It brings me great joy to view these beings.” Ukan agreed and said, “Particularly the adventurers. Their questing and victories and defeats and sacrifices are exemplary.” Jika thought. “However, why do these many deities require these adventurers to die so quickly? 100, 300, 700 years. It is a shame that the glory of these adventurers shine only for a brief moment.” Ukan agreed. “We should allow these great creations to shine again in a new form for a time.” And so Jika and Ukan did. Thus was born the race, Vessel.

You can download the table ready one sheet by clicking this link.


Vessel Traits: Highly unique, each Vessel has the following additional traits (Living Glass and Free Transform and Form Bind and Child of Jika and Ukan).

Ability Score Increase: Your Ability Scores each increase by 0.

Age: Vessels reach adulthood after 3 days and then receive their first Free Transform. Vessels do not age when they are in a Free Transform and they live for 107 days in their Living Glass form.


Alignment: Vessels do not tend to one alignment over another.

Size: Determined by current Free Transform.

Speed: Determined by current Free Transform.

Languages: Determined by current Free Transform.

Living Glass: When a Vessel is not in a Free Transform they are 6 feet tall, 150 lbs (Medium) and are made of Living Glass. As Living Glass, Vessels have 1 HP, all attributes at a value of 8 and have a speed of 30 feet. Vessels receive new Free Transforms from Jika and Ukan. Vessels change from one Free Transform instantly to another Free Transform without changing to Living Glass. Vessels immediately change to Living Glass when they die. A Vessel may assume their Living Glass form any time they choose.

Free Transform: Once per session (and no more frequently) a player may choose for their Vessel to receive a Free Transform from Jika and Ukan. A Free Transform allows the player to immediately change their Character Sheet to a new Character Sheet that meets the criteria set in Form Bind. Players may not spend more than three consecutive sessions in the same Free Transform without choosing to receive a new one. Receiving a Free Transform is always done during play after a short rest (and at no other time). A Free Transform is a transformation that Jika and Ukan apply to the Vessel. When Jika and Ukan apply a Free Transform to a Vessel, what they are doing is copying an adventurer they have viewed in the past, present or future on one of the many planes. Jika creates the organics of the Free Transform (and Jika is capable of doing so as a 100% exact copy). Ukan creates all of the non-organic elements of a Free Transform (clothes, coins, mundane and magic items, and Ukan is capable of doing so as exact 100% copies). Jika and Ukan take great joy in this work and are thrilled when a Vessel requests a Free Transform. The Vessel has no control of what specific Free Transform they receive (but the Player has full control of what Character Sheet they bring forward to the table as long as the Character Sheet meets every criteria specified in Form Bind. Jika and Ukan also bless the Vessel with all aspects (Attributes, Skills, Feats, Racial Traits, Class Features and Memories) of the adventurer they copy. The Vessel has access to all memories of the Free Transform, but is completely free to act or not upon the emotions and thoughts of the Free Transform as they wish.

Form Bind: A Free Transform allows a player to play a Character Sheet that adheres exactly to every one of the following criteria –

  • Created by the Player.
  • Created with the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Player Handbook and/or any of the Wizards of the Coast Unearthed Arcana material.
  • Is 3 to 5 levels (player’s choice) higher than the last Free Transform (when a player reaches level 16 to 20, their next level Free Transform shoots the gap from 20 to 1 and goes to a level of 1 through 4 correspondingly).
  • Is not a Character Sheet the player has ever played previously in any game.

Child of Jika and Ukan: Vessels are the creation of Jika and Ukan. Vessels do not worship Jika and Ukan and they do not encourage anyone else to. Vessels view Jika and Ukan as benevolent parents. Vessels do not enjoy discussing Jika and Ukan with anyone (not even other Vessels), and not discussing Jika and Ukan is one of the few cultural traditions all Vessels adhere to.

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  1. Nicholas Stone
    | Reply

    It’s definitely an interesting race but If i were to play it I’d probably tweak somethings to make it feel more fluid and not be to overpowered.

    1. my main thing is I’d take out the level boost per transformation just seems unnecessary. I’d be fine in a solo game or one where everyone played a vessel but other then that its just a weird mechanic to add.

    2. this is more of a option then anything but I’d make the transformation random. Have the player make a couple sheets then when they switch have them roll dice to see who they change into

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