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Nerdarchy > Nerdy News  > 8/23/2015-8/28/2015 Nerdy News and Weekly Digest More 5e D&D Content
Dungeons and Dragons

8/23/2015-8/28/2015 Nerdy News and Weekly Digest More 5e D&D Content

5E Dungeons and Dragons Content from 8/9-8/16 Weekly Digest and Nerdy News
Red Herrings, The Golden Chimera, and Post Apocalyptic 5e- Hell Yea We Are Talking About Tabletop RPG Games

Welcome to another week of Nerdarchy content. This week we’ve covered everything from D&D player’s tips, game master tips, and all kinds of other dungeons and dragons topics. We also have a Nerdarchy fan art submission based off of our chimera video we did.

Chimera variant the Golden Chimera by artist- Justin Lewis

D&D 5e

Now onto the content from last week both from YouTube and from the articles of Nerdarchy.com. We had several guest posts last week as well. Both were very good. A touching personal story from Ty Johnston and a great article about designing monsters for your D&D game by YouTube content creator AJ Pickett of the Mighty Gluestick.

On Nerdarchy.com

Board Games in Review – Thunderstone Advance – Deck Building Game

Creation of the Golden Chimera – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

How Gaming (and Nerdarchy) Helped Save Me

AJ Pickett – The Mighty Gluestick – Designing a Monster

Even Old School Gamers have Anxiety Behind the Screen


From the YouTube Channel-

Call to the Dragon Emperor’s Court| Live 5E D&D Game Play Session 8 Part 2

Modern 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Nerdarchy Saves the World

Prophecies in Your Dungeons and Dragons Game or Other RPG| Game Master Tips

Dragonborn Paladin and His Ancestral Weapons| GM 9 1 1

Fiery Friends Magmin and Magma Mephits Monster BFF’s| Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

Turning Failure into Success During Your RPG Game| D&D Player’s Tips

Forest Gnome Barbarian and Custom 5E Character Back Ground| Unorthodox D&D Character Builds

Type of D&D Campaigns High Magic Vs Low Magic Games| Game Master Tips

Player Agency vs Overbearing DMs| D&D Do’s and Don’ts

How to Handle D&D Large Scale Combat| GM 9 1 1

Dungeons and Dragons Hit Points as Resources| D&D Player Tips

Ullen-Guy Giant Goat Riding Orcs| Live 5E D&D Game Play Session 9 Part 1

I hope you’ve enjoyed our content as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. We love filming videos on YouTube about RPGs and other nerdy topics. Equally it’s a blast for us to create articles to help expand your gaming experience. This was a great week for guest posters on the website as well as special guest Scott Garibay over on our YouTube channel.

We hope to continue having guest posters and guest appearing in our videos. If you’d like to contribute an article, a piece of art, or some other nerdy contribution feel free to contact us at nerdarchy@gmail.com.

Until next time “Stay Nerdy”

-Nerdarchist Dave


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david friant

My name is Dave Friant I've been gaming off and on for over 27 years. But here is the thing it's always been a part of my life I've kept secret and hidden away. I've always been ashamed of the stigma that gaming and my other nerdy and geeky pursuits summon forth. Recently I decided screw it! This is who I am the world be damned. From now on I'm gonna be a geek, nerd, or however folks want to judge me and just enjoy life. Currently one of my greatest joys is introducing my 13 yr old son to table top RPG's.

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